Monday, December 30, 2013

Birthday Bliss - One Piece, Two Ways

My birthday was on Christmas and I'm still lagging behind with celebrating. My bf did a great job 'separating' the holiday from 'my day' so I didn't feel overshadowed. So we had Christmas a day later and now all that's left is a birthday night out. Just went out for a birthday lunch with my family yesterday. For the night out I'm trying to decided between one of our two favorite restaurants and might throw in some lazer tag or bowling. I just want to do something fun! We just went to an arcade grand opening on Saturday so pinball is out of the question. Speaking of the arcade/date night here's an outfit pic . . .

This is what I wore to the opening. Wanted to have a pop of color and be warm. I figured most people would be wearing jeans and I just stuck to my normal skirt, top and cardigan combo and didn't feel odd at all. As I said in previous posts . . . I don't like blending in.

For my birthday lunch I knew
1) I wanted to wear black since I've been all about grey lately        
2) I had to wear one of my bodysuits.
A few months ago I went on a bodysuit spree, but haven't worn any of them!!! So I dusted one off and paired it with the skirt from the above pic. Funny that I'm did the '1 piece, 2 ways' without even thinking about it.

Hair note - I don't straighten my hair for special occasions . . . or any occasion for that matter. I just use the blow dryer on a light setting on my roots to get it bigger!

Thanks for looking y'all!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey y'all! So lately I've been working on keeping our meals clean (limited sugar, less carbs, more fibrous carbs, lean protein as well as plant based protein, etc) and getting back into my workout regimen. I've also been wearing my hair up in a 'puff' (the back is up pinned upwards and I fluff up the front for more volume) instead of letting it all hang out. It also makes detangling a whole lot easier for me on wash day.

Speaking of my hair someone asked me in the comments if it gets dirty since I go so long in between washes . . . Well before I started exercising everyday - no. I don't apply product to my scalp so I don't get a lot of build up. And if I was to notice flakes or product on my scalp yes I would go ahead and wash ahead of schedule. Now working out presents a whole new problem. I'm a sweaty mess (the sign of a very good workout apart from not being able to talk after :)) and although I keep my hair up in a puff my scalp also sweats. So yeah a washing is due most of the time, but I just use conditioner. It's called a cowash. So many shampoos contain ingredients that will strip your hair of not only the dirt but your natural oils and your scalp will be like the desert after . . . a dry, lifeless mess. So I avoid that and just use some conditioner just as I would shampoo and style my hair the same way after.  

So here's a recent pic of me looking like a dork with my chocolate protein shake from yesterday. Yes . . . if I'm having a sugar craving I add some unsweetened cocoa to my protein powder and throw in some hemp seeds for a boost of good fat. I'm staying away from sugar (like candy bars, never been one to drink soda) and trying to steer my cravings towards the healthy stuff.

So far so good. Been almost 3 weeks and my muscles are looking more defined and I don't have those awful 'detox' headaches you get when you cut out all the fast food and highly processed stuff out of your diet. 

I'm still in the process of organizing my room/closets since the move in July. We've finally stopped traveling for this year and are trying to get back settled at home. So clothing posts should be coming along.

Hope yall are doing fantastic!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ex Boyfriend or New Boyfriend

Guess what . . .

Yes!!! My ex boyfriend and I got back together! Crazy right! These pics are from the last few days. Can't you see how happy this makes our puppy :) I'm pretty darn happy myself!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Highly Textured

Hello all! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day. I worked and hung out with family. We ended up heading to the park to close the day and I took the opportunity to get an outfit picture.

I threw this outfit together knowing that I wanted to wear something highly textured (guess I was inspired by my big hair) and bright - the skirt. I haven't worn this top in ages, like most things in my closet, and was very happy to style it in a different way other than pairing it with a pair of denim. 

On the hair note, my hair is extremely stretched. This is a wash and style, lol, from 6 days ago that I've kept up. I'm trying to make it last one more day before I steam, condition and do it all over again. Lately I haven't been using gel in my hair to encourage and keep my curl but due to the humidity I have to if I don't want a puff ball after one day. So it's growing nicely and I LOVE my curl pattern. I have a head of tiny delicate spirals. I just wish people would stop asking me if my hair is a wig.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hi yall! I'll be updating later this week. Sorry for the disappearing act.

Here's a pic from earlier today!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Build An Outfit

Of course I had to come back and show how I'm working on throwing outfits together! Trying to challenge myself to shop my closet more and having a few items tailored to fit my body have me loving my clothes! I'll talk about tailoring in another post.

This Gap dress has been in my closet for well over 3 years and I honestly can't remember the last time I wore it. So I decided to play around with it. After the first two outfits I created I realized that I can literally make 100 outfits using this black dress as a base . . . freaking crazy right! But dressing is so simple. Slap on a belt and a cardigan and bam one outfit, change the cardigan and you have another, add a scarf and there's another. Just simple tweaks can change it. So I'm really trying to focus on that with dressing and stretching the potential of the clothing I have available to me.

Building An Outfit -

I then went further and played around with other pieces in my wardrobe to create a few different looks-

Totally putting more outfits together with this dress as the base until I get bored. Then I'll grab another one of the one hundred and something dresses I have and do the same thing. I can't wait to show yall my skirts! I had 5 of them shortened and taken in at the waist and they look amazing!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little White Dress

Oh Blogger how I dislike this new layout! Sucks I begin a blog post like this, but I can't keep it in. And I must admit learning how to tackle it has made me stay away from posting a little longer. Anywoo . . . I recently did a haul. Guess it's more of a basic's haul (if you consider a pair of leopard shorts a basic, lol). Victoria's Secret, J Crew, Madewell and Banana Republic all have goodies coming to my home! I am so excited and will be reviewing everything on my youtube channel. I love v necks so I got a ton of those just to warn yall! I wanted to see who makes the best v neck shirts so Victoria's Secret and J Crew will be matched up side by side. That's all I want to blab about right now. Here is a pic from my Memorial weekend getaway with my boyfriend.

Loved my little white dress which I added 2 yellow J Crew belts to.

Dress: Express
Belts: J Crew

sitting pretty

We had an amazing time! Can't wait till our next vacay!

Thanks for dropping by!


Friday, February 24, 2012

15 Outfits

Hey yall! Here are some looks I came up with using my coral (which appear to being a deep pink in the photos, blah, better lighting next time) skinny jeans as a base. You can also see a video on my youtube channel.
















So these were the looks I threw together. More are to follow, just ran out of time. What do you guys think? Have any favorites?


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loving Fall

I'm such a sucker for the fall! I love this time of year! And although abit chilly it's perfect for hanging outside and snapping pics. Here's some from a little date the boyfriend and I went on last Sunday.



I just threw a tunic from H and M over a dress from The Limited. I've been finding alot of ways to take my pieces from the summer into the fall! Can't wait to show yall how I rock my turtlenecks. And I forgot I owned these boots which are from Michael Kors. they look good to be so old. I might get alot more wear out of them this year.